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What is AdGuard affiliate program?

It is an opportunity to earn on sales of license keys for AdGuard software. Promote AdGuard to your audience and earn a commission on sales.

With over 20 million users and 8 years of experience, AdGuard is always on the cutting edge. Becoming an affiliate is more than just a chance to make money - it is a chance to make internet a better place.

How can I join?

Just click on the sign-up button and fill in the form.

What affiliate network is the AdGuard affiliate program based on?

This is an in-house affiliate program. This is crucial for us not to collect additional information about AdGuard users, not to share it, and to make it privacy friendly to the maximum. Thanks to the way it works, we are able to offer superior conditions compared to other popular security products.

Do I need a website or blog to become your partner?

Well, no, but it might be hard to make money without one. You always have options though: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… there are a lot of ways to spread the word to friends and family.

How can I earn with this affiliate program?

Grab your personal website or installer link from the “Tools” section of the affiliate program and promote AdGuard to your audience.

How it basically works:

Please note: It does not matter when and how a user purchases the license key. It shouldn’t be necessarily done via your link. The important thing is that a user has installed AdGuard with your link. Because it is the activated license on your installer that counts.

What if the potential customer goes to your site through my referral link but buys at a later date going directly to your site?

It does not matter. Again, the only thing that matters is if the customer used your personal installer when installing AdGuard.

What is affiliate moderation?

Each new affiliate goes through a moderation stage. We check that the sales are made by real people.