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What do we sell and advertise?

The main goal of this partnership program is to distribute a Windows-based internet filter Adguard. Adguard is one of the most popular adblocking and antiphishing utility.

How can i earn with this affiliate program?

Promote Adguard and get cash!
  1. You can place our advertisements, banners or post an overview article of our product on your Web-sites
  2. Distribute your affiliate link or your personal installer freely wherever you want.

I'am an IT journalist. Please describe the process how i can work with you.

  1. Download your personal installer with unique ID from Promo tools section in member zone.
  2. Share it on any file hosting service.
  3. Replace the download link in overview article with the one you got on file hosting service. The article is available in Promo tools section.
  4. Post this article the way you do usually post the articles on blogs, Web-sites.
Every sale made with your unique ID will be counted in our affiliate system right after payment is made.

I'am an owner of a culinary Web-site. Is this kind of traffic acceptable?

Our promo tools do great job with any kind of traffic and Web-sites that fall under any thematic category. Our target audience is pretty most every casual Internet user.

How much do i get from sales?

You get 50% from sales of the new keys and prolongations of the old ones.

What promo tools are you offering to affiliate partners?

All kinds of banners including a floating advertising block, a personal installer with unique ID and an overview-article of Adguard.

What is “Subaccount?”

Subaccount is a tag that is put to a specific link, banner or any other kind of promotional material that you use. By using the subaccounts, you can easily divide traffic from different sources and different placements even within a single website page.

You can add the tag to a link or Adguard installation file. Once you posted this link, you do not need to register it anywhere, write down or report to support service. It will automatically appear in the statistics after the first visit via this tagged URL or installation.

Subaccount name restrictions:
  1. Only lowercase Latin letters or numbers can be used for Subaccount name. All other characters are automatically replaced with an underscore.
  2. Subaccount name must be no more than 50 characters.

Below you can see examples of links with a specified Subaccount.

Link to the website:

http://adguard.com/?aid=Your ID&source=Subaccount

Link to the installation file:

http://download.adguard.com/d/Your ID/adguardInstaller.exe?source=Subaccount

See the screenshot below to understand how subaccount looks like:

How often are the payouts made here

The payouts are made on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. The minimum balance for cashing out is 5$. At the moment we support Paypal and Webmoney(only WMR).

Are there any requirements and ground rules for advertising?

We prohibit any kind of spam and auto-dowloading without users aknowledge. Accounts of violators will be banned without payouts.